Airfield Isolating Transformers

Airfield encapsulated isolating transformers are used in airfield ground lighting constant current series circuits for approach, runway, taxiway and other airport lighting systems. Airfield transformers isolate low voltage lamps from the high operating voltages of the series circuit and ensure circuit continuity in the event of lamp failure.

Airfield applications include: Isolating transformers and TSR (constant voltage) transformers in compliance with • FAA AC 150/5345-47 • L-830 • L-831 • for both civil and military use • 6.6/6.6Amp • 12/6.6Amp • 20/6.6Amp • Isolating Transformers with wattage ranges of • 30/45W • 65W • 100W • 150W • 200W • 300W • 500W •